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Fahold Wins Double Grand Prix

Date:2023-06-26    Author:admin

Fahold appeared at the Guangya Exhibition and returned with honors after winning the Double Material Award

On June 9, 2023, with the grand opening of the 28th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the 11th Aladdin Divine Lamp Award Ceremony and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition&Guangzhou International Building Electrical Technology Exhibition were grandly held at the Pazhou China Import and Export Trade Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou. Many heavyweight guests from the lighting industry gathered here to witness this glorious moment together.

The 11th Aladdin Lantern Award (Lighting Section) in 2023 has a total of 802 units and 1378 projects participating in the application. After the joint selection of 206 experts from the final review committee and jury, 348 excellent awards including product, design, and engineering awards were awarded, and 142 were awarded the Best Award. Fahold's selection of the industry's first dual mode drive F1 series power supply has gone through multiple rounds of competition, successfully passing the test and ultimately winning the Best Product Award in the Power Category at the 11th Aladdin Lamp Awards in 2023

The F1 series of products is the industry's first dual mode intelligent driving power supply, and the original concept of "dual mode drive" was officially proposed and applied to the F1 series of products by the Fahold team in 2022. The proposal of this concept breaks through traditional thinking and breaks the boundary between constant voltage and constant current sources. Its core concept is to use the "limit method" as the design concept, with compatibility as the design goal, adhering to the philosophy of simplicity. Through selective integration of functions, the constant voltage and constant current working modes are integrated into one, and combined with the industry's first digital display visualization offline programmer, the LED driving power product specifications are configured for secondary configuration, Becoming exceptionally simple.At the same time, the 10th China LED Pioneer Award with the theme of "Opening a Golden Decade of High Quality LED Development in China" was also held simultaneously on June 9th. The China LED Innovation Award is an annual award established to recognize enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the first innovation and independent innovation in the Chinese LED industry. As the finale, the award list of the "China First Innovation Conference Award" has been heavily unveiled. In this selection, Fahold's F1 series products stood out due to their technological innovation ability and won the Excellent Award of LED Innovation Award.

At this exhibition, Fahold won this dual award, undoubtedly the result of Fahold's more than ten years of innovation in the field of LED intelligent drives. Fahold will take this as a new starting point, continue to uphold the vision of "Fahold power supply, making every lamp more stable", provide high-quality products to the market, use technological innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, and contribute to the development of the LED lighting industry.

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