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FAHOLD Shines at Expo Electrica Internacional 2023 in Mexico City

Date:2023-06-28    Author:admin

FAHOLD Shines at Expo Electrica Internacional 2023 in Mexico City

FAHOLD, the leading brand in high-power LED Driver, continued its successful exhibition journey by participating in Expo Electrica Internacional 2023 in Mexico City. The event, held from June 6th to 8th, provided a prime opportunity for FAHOLD to showcase its innovative LED power supply solutions to a diverse audience.

Featuring a range of products including intelligent drivers F1, T1 and F1E (26-320W) for road lighting, industrial lighting drivers R1&K1(100-320W), high-power horticulture&Sport H1 (400-1000W) LED drivers and L1 (60-320W) for landscape lighting, FAHOLD attracted attention with its cutting-edge technologies and sleek designs. Visitors were particularly impressed by Faholds "Normalization" design concept showcased.

Expo Electrica Internacional 2023 served as a valuable platform for FAHOLD to engage with industry professionals, exchange insights, and explore potential collaborations. The exhibition's vibrant atmosphere and enthusiastic attendees further strengthened FAHOLD's position as a trusted leader in the LED power supply industry.

As FAHOLD looks to the future, the company remains dedicated to driving innovation and delivering top-quality LED power supply solutions worldwide.

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