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FAHOLD Shines Bright at Atech LED Lighting Fair in Istanbul

Date:2023-11-26    Author:admin

FAHOLD Shines Bright at Atech LED Lighting Fair in Istanbul


In the dynamic realm of LED lighting, FAHOLD stands as a beacon of innovation and integrity since its establishment in 2011. Rooted in core values of Integrity, Customer-Centricity, Innovation, and Creating Value, FAHOLD is dedicated to revolutionizing the lighting industry. As part of its global expansion strategy, FAHOLD is gearing up to make a milestone appearance at the Atech LED Lighting Fair, scheduled from the 23rd to the 26th of November, 2024, at the Istanbul Fair Center in Istanbul, Turkey.


The Atech LED Lighting Fair is a pivotal event that brings together manufacturers, distributors, and users in the LED lighting and power sectors. It holds a distinguished status as one of Turkey's most significant exhibitions, attracting attention and visits from companies, institutions, and organizations in the power sector across various regions in Turkey and the Middle East, leaving a profound impact on the lighting and power markets.

FAHOLD's participation in the Atech LED Lighting Fair is driven by clear objectives. The company aims to expand its brand influence in the Turkish market, forging connections with new clients and nurturing relationships with existing ones. The Turkish market holds strategic importance in FAHOLD's international business development, making this debut appearance in Turkey a monumental milestone.


At the heart of FAHOLD's showcase are key product series tailored for diverse applications:

F1 Series for Tedas Project: Compliant with the latest requirements of the Tedas project in Turkey, capturing the attention of leading Turkish lighting companies.

F1E Series: Developed specifically for the 200-240Vac input market, offering a high cost-performance ratio ideal for local projects in the Turkish market.

H1 Series 400-1000W: Positioned to significantly reduce assembly costs compared to traditional 4X250W power solutions, drawing interest from local floodlight and stadium lighting enterprises.

L1/L1-S Series: FAHOLD's unique 12-24Vdc programmable/dip-switchable high-quality constant voltage power supply, designed to reduce SKU for distributors.


FAHOLD envisions tangible outcomes from its participation, with a focus on establishing and strengthening relationships with leading Turkish lighting companies. The company aims to showcase and solidify the FAHOLD brand positioning while engaging in discussions for long-term collaborations with target clients.Looking ahead, FAHOLD is poised for international market expansion over the next 2-3 years, with a strategic focus on the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and South America. The ambitious goal is to emerge as a leading brand in high-power LED drivers within five years in these key markets.


Contact Information: During and after the Atech LED Lighting Fair, FAHOLD invites readers and potential collaborators to connect through the following contacts:

Billy LIU: Email:, WeChat/WhatsApp: +8613926258479

Connect with FAHOLD on LinkedIn: FAHOLD LinkedIn Page


FAHOLD's participation in the Atech LED Lighting Fair marks a significant chapter in its global journey. As the company takes center stage in Istanbul, it invites industry leaders, partners, and stakeholders to join hands in shaping the future of the lighting and power markets. For those eager to be part of this transformative journey, FAHOLD encourages reaching out through the provided contacts for a glimpse into the future of innovative LED lighting solutions.

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